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Key Elements of a Risk Management Strategy

A key part of any operational risk management strategy is to create and implement a comprehensive business continuity plan and disaster recovery architecture. Not only is it a sound practice, but it is often required by clients in regulated industries such as banking/financial and healthcare.

The creation of a comprehensive business continuity plan can be a time-consuming and often daunting task because of the complexity and scope of the process. At RiskPA, our business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning professionals will make this easier for you. We'll show you how to focus on what is truly important when building a BC/DR plan. We'll help you immediately focus on aspects that are critical to all types of professional service firms. 

We provide comprehensive services to ensure that all aspects of your plan will work together -- including the technology, people and recovery processes. Our approach and methodology are innovative, efficient and constantly updated to account for new technologies, changing business requirements and emerging threats.

Your recovery plan for business continuity is essential. RiskPA will help with all aspects of your planning efforts. Your comprehensive BC/DR recovery capability will include the following:

Primary/Secondary Datacenter Site Location Selection

RiskPA can provide guidance or process management for backup datacenter selection by managing multiple vendor comparisons and pricing. Our extensive experience in this area allows us to provide you with real-world comparative pricing and service set analysis. Because RiskPA is a national consultancy, we can provide site recommendations in all major markets in the US. Our experience also allows us to provide best practice recommendations for service level and Professional Service agreements.

Critical Components of a Business Continuity Plan

RiskPA can help you develop and document all the critical components of a business continuity plan, including business function recovery, setup of alternative workspace for personnel and identifying and documenting supporting requirements, such as client records, key vendors and technology.

Business Impact Assessment

RiskPA will help you complete a comprehensive business impact assessment to determine recovery objectives for your organization's most critical business functions. These objectives will include all the support technology, people, processes and records required to recover the business.

Crisis Management and Communications Planning

The most important aspect of business continuity planning is usually overlooked: knowing where to start and what questions to ask. We'll guide you through the process of understanding critical decision making, problem escalation and communicating during a crisis from the initial event to disaster declaration to recovery.

Life/Safety Planning

Most life/safety plans include only a simple evacuation plan and fire procedures. RiskPA consultants have real-world emergency services experience in all aspects of life/safety planning and can help you expand your plan to incorporate topical issues such as workplace violence, hazardous materials and pandemic planning.

Disaster and Recovery: Architecture and Implementation

RiskPA consultants are experienced in the most innovative and advanced data protection, high-availability and disaster recovery technologies on the market today. We can also provide assistance in reducing disaster recovery costs by including use of tools such as virtualization. Throughout the process of designing and building disaster recovery architecture, RiskPA will guide you in building a recovery capability that meets today's stringent business recovery objectives.

Data Privacy

With all the new and evolving data privacy and security requirements, it's hard to keep up. From HIPAA, to HITECH, to PCI compliance, to the new Massachusetts privacy law: where do you start? ​Your in-house attorneys can tell you what the laws are about, but what then? How do you implement the policies, processes and technologies to meet today's compliance requirements? RiskPA consultants can help ensure that you are in compliance by providing actionable steps and simple, tested solutions. You need answers to get the job done and RiskPA can provide them. 

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Along with helping you develop your plan, RiskPA can also complete a business continuity plan health check/gap analysis to determine if your existing plan should be expanded or updated to conform with business continuity planning best practices; design and/or facilitate a mock disaster scenario to test your plan; develop change management protocols to help keep your plan up-to-date; and provide guidance in the selection and implementation of tools to support your plan, such as an emergency notification system or business continuity planning software.

Operational Audit

Operational risk management as a business improvement strategy. The implementation of an enterprise risk management strategy is vital to ensuring the long-term viability of your business by identifying and mitigating issues before they evolve into serious problems. The ideal risk management strategy can also be leveraged to streamline and improve business processes and standardize policies, training and technology usage. RiskPA with help you develop and implement such a strategy.

Crisis Management Coaching

One of the benefits of working with RiskPA is our Executive Coaching. Training is the number one indicator of success during a disaster. Is your team ready? 

We provide crisis management training or readiness evaluations for your executive team or security staff. We offer valuable tools and mental preparation exercises to your key individuals. When disaster strikes, it is important that they are psychologically prepared and are able to direct and guide others effectively.  

Our analysis includes detailed design and implementation of technology recovery architecture, including comparison pricing for a variety of technical options; implementation planning and project management, including multiple vendor coordination during implementation and assistance with training or supplementing your current IT staff.

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